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MSIExec (.MSI) Switches and Detailed Descriptions 

Sep 30, 2011 11:37 AM

I have included all of this following information in the attached Word doc for all to use;

The executable program that interprets packages and installs products is Msiexec.exe. Note that Msiexec also sets an error level on return that corresponds to system error codes. Command-line options are case-insensitive.

The command-line options in the following table are available with Windows Installer  3.0 and earlier versions. The Standard Installer Command-Line Optionsare also available beginning with Windows Installer 3.0.

The options /i, /x, /f[p|o|e|d|c|a|u|m|s|v], /j[u|m], /a, /p, /y and /z should not be used together. The one exception to this rule is that patching an administrative installationrequires using both /p and /a. The options /t, /c and /g should only be used with /j. The options /l and /q can be used with /i, /x, /f[p|o|e|d|c|a|u|m|s|v], /j[u|m], /a, and /p. The option /n can be used with /i, /f, /x and /p.

To install a product from A:\Example.msi, install the product as follows:

msiexec /i A:\Example.msi

Only public propertiescan be modified using the command line. All property names on the command line are interpreted as uppercase but the value retains case sensitivity. If you enter MyPropertyat a command line, the installer overrides the value of MYPROPERTY and not the value of MyPropertyin the Property table. For more information, see About Properties.

To install a product with PROPERTY set to VALUE, use the following syntax on the command line. You can put the property anywhere except between an option and its argument.

Correct syntax:

msiexec /i A:\Example.msi PROPERTY=VALUE

Incorrect syntax:

msiexec /i PROPERTY=VALUE A:\Example.msi

Property values that are literal strings must be enclosed in quotation marks. Include any white spaces in the string between the marks.

msiexec /i A:\Example.msi PROPERTY="Embedded White Space"

To clear a public property by using the command line, set its value to an empty string.

msiexec /i A:\Example.msi PROPERTY=""

For sections of text set apart by literal quotation marks, enclose the section with a second pair of quotation marks.

msiexec /i A:\Example.msi PROPERTY="Embedded ""Quotes"" White Space"

The following example shows a complicated command line.

msiexec /i testdb.msi INSTALLLEVEL=3 /l* msi.log COMPANYNAME="Acme ""Widgets"" and ""Gizmos."""

The following example shows advertisement options. Note that switches are not case-sensitive.

msiexec /JM msisample.msi /T transform.mst /LIME logfile.txt

The following example shows you how to install a new instance of a product to be advertised. This product is authored to support multiple instance transforms.

msiexec /JM msisample.msi /T :instance1.mst;customization.mst /c /LIME logfile.txt

The following example shows how to patch an instance of a product that is installed using multiple instance transforms.

msiexec /p msipatch.msp;msipatch2.msp /n {00000001-0002-0000-0000-624474736554} /qb

When you apply patches to a specific product, the /i and /p options cannot be specified together in a command line. In this case, you can apply patches to a product as follows.

msiexec /i A:\Example.msi PATCH=msipatch.msp;msipatch2.msp /qb

The PATCHproperty cannot be set in a command line, when /p option is used. If the PATCHproperty is set when the /p option is used, the value of PATCHproperty is ignored and overwritten.



Any questions or comments, go right ahead! I am always happy to help out!

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Jan 21, 2019 05:34 AM

@Preeti - unless you have written the original MSI to cache the log on credentials, you will need to supply them again for a reinstall.

Jan 15, 2019 05:17 AM

I want to reinstall a .msi package maintaining its previous log on credentials (domain user credentials). And dont want to provide these again. Is it possible to not to reset that info and reinstall the package?

Nov 23, 2011 10:10 AM

Thanks! I couldnt find any other info out there so I thought I would share!

Nov 11, 2011 12:14 AM

good job done by posting this

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