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Microsoft Access definition, functions, advantages and disadvantages 

02-19-2019 02:44 PM

    Greetings Community Happy Tuesday to all of you today has been a very productive day and with much to do I hope you are in the same and fulfilling the daily goals, in my last 3 articles I talked about SQL Server, Oracle and the differences between both advantages and disadvantages noticing a significant margin of difference from sequences, prices, licenses, extra functions and the ability to process information in an effective and fairly accurate way to fulfill the designated tasks in a company and thus meet the labor demand, now we will give a step to talk a little and delve into the subject of what is Microsoft Access, its functions, advantages and disadvantages and some common mistakes as always highlighting the functions that allow you to operate effectively in the daily activities of a company.



                                                                                 Microsoft Access


    Microsoft Access is defined as a tool or software that is programmed to manage in a database, it is considered very useful for the creation of small databases for small and medium companies it is not multiplatform since it only works only and exclusively with Windows. Microsoft Access stores data that is saved in its own based format in its powerful database engine known as Access Jet as well as directly linking data to other applications and other databases.


                           Once Microsoft Access is defined, we will now talk about the most important functions it has:



  • Automated tasks: Microsoft Access has a great advantage of automating its routine tasks, if the data needs to be exported automatically a macro is created that allows to perform the task.
  • Realization of reports: It has the advantage of placing the information of the database in a format that can be formatted for impressions, custom adjustments can be made according to what the user requires.
  • Query information: It has the ability to modify, add, delete and even be able to isolate the information in tables, this function can only be used for manipulation and selection of information.
  • The access of simultaneous users: It has the facility of admitting a number of users at the same time depending on the volume of data and the tasks designated in their level of use and design of the application.
  • Publication of data on websites: Forms and reports based on a web model can be published easily in any of the current web browsers without the need to use extensions.
  • Now that the most important functions of Microsoft Access have been mentioned, we will talk about what are the advantages and disadvantages to understand in a more exact point the limitations.





  • Ease of integration: It works in a way with varied programs for software development based on Windows only, you can also use its tables in products such as SQL Server.
  • Storage capacity: The Access database can support up to 2 GB of data which is considered a good quantity for a majority of data developments.
  • Multi-user support: Previous versions such as 2016 allow a total of 255 users approximately.
  • Easy development: It is an excellent combination that can be applied for users who wish to develop software using .NET since it is possible to link with access.






  • Limit of capacity: The database is intended for small and medium enterprises, but more than anything, exceeding 2 GB of information will be the cause of a limitation.
  • Indiscriminate use of multiple operating systems: The use of different Windows operating systems on different computers can corrupt or generate a certain breakdown of the information when sharing the database with this mixture can originate this consequence.
  • Actual limit of users: Technically the limit of users of the database of access is approximately 255 users at the same time but nevertheless the actual limit covers from 10 to 80 users.


    Microsoft Access has become a work tool for small and medium companies that has helped in a constant way to process certain activities that allow to speed up the process in a short time and that in spite of its certain limitations it does not stop fulfilling its functions.

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