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10-09-2015 12:33 PM

In this Article I'm going to explain how Asset Ownership is controlled in the smp.png SMP and how to maintain it using Workflow.png Workflow and the ASDK.


Let's look at it in the SMP first.

Home | Service and Asset Management | Manage Configuration Items

Let's find a Computer.png Computer

Folder (-).png CI Management | Folder.png Computers and Peripherals | Computer.png Computer

Search for one and Right-Click | Edit ().png Edit

Scroll down to Asset Owners and "Click to select..." or click the Edit.pngEdit button

Edit - Computer - Asset Owners.png

This can either be a User or a Department.

Search for the User, select and click OK.

This is configured using a Resource Association.

There are two, one for User and one for Department.

Reports Folder.png Settings | Folder.png Notification Server | Folder.png Resource and Data Class Settings | Folder.png Resource Associations | Folder.png CMDB Association Types | Resource Association.png Asset User Owner

​GUID 'ed35a8d1-bf60-4771-9dde-092c146c485a' 

Reports Folder.png Settings | Folder.png Notification Server | Folder.png Resource and Data Class Settings | Folder.png Resource Associations | Folder.png CMDB Association Types | Resource Association.png  Asset Department Owner

​GUID '1466e770-4413-4517-a89d-6599b8a7f144' 

You can see who is associated to what with the following SQL:

FROM ResourceAssociation ra
WHERE ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = 'ed35a8d1-bf60-4771-9dde-092c146c485a'

So we need to create an Association, let's look to the SDK.

There's a "Create Resource Association​" we can use.

  • http://localhost/altiris/asdk.ns/ResourceManagementService.asmx?op=CreateResourceAssociation


  • resourceAssociationTypeGuid
  • parentResourceGuid (Asset)
  • childResourceGuid (User)

Create a Int.png Web Service Generator (Video)

We can now call this in our Workflow.png WF.

Try this then check the SQL and the RA Table should reflect this but if you then check in the smp.png SMP the Asset Owners section won't, what's going on?

(Other Associations work just fine)

Let's do some investigation, I like to use both a SQL Profiler and the Altiris Profiler.

We have a call to 'spResourceAssociationsInsert', this makes sense.

EXECUTE spResourceAssociationsInsert 

But there is also another call to insert values into another Table (Inv_Ownership_Details).

  dbo.[Inv_Ownership_Details] ([_ResourceGuid], [Owner], [Ownership Percentage]) 
  ('e4fc9fc1-a75a-4532-8a82-159d2477d0fa', 'f90f37c8-4562-48be-b8f3-3b0b4123086b', 100)

Now we could just create a SQL Generator but I don't like to use these for any ALTER commands.

There must be a better way.

Let's have another look at those Web Services:

Save Data Class from Resource Model looks like it should work

  • http://localhost/altiris/nswebservice/resourcemodel.asmx?op=SaveDataClass

Add that to our previous Int.png Integration component and try it out in Workflow.png WF.

This just doesn't work, there is no way to pass in any dynamic data so this can't be a viable solution.

Toomas was a great help and got us some sample code from the Asset Team.

using System;
using Client.ProxyClass;

namespace client
	class Program
		static readonly Guid OwnershipDetailsDataclassGuid = new Guid("0cd0318b-ad51-4d38-8ea3-2612d12189de");
		private const string UserId = "put here user name";
		private const string Password = "put here user password";

		static void Main(string[] args)

			var comp = new Guid("927a7afe-ab4d-40d1-b11f-72111e6d540d"); //<-set up computer guid
			var user = new Guid("e0b8a57b-9b2b-4f07-8b9e-d66a3d65d678"); //<-set up user guid

			var field0 = new DataClassFieldData { FieldName = "Owner", Value = user };
			var field1 = new DataClassFieldData { FieldName = "Ownership Percentage", Value = 100.0 };
			var row = new DataClassRowData { DataElements = new[] { field0, field1 } };
			var dcd = new DataClassData
				DataClassGUID = OwnershipDetailsDataclassGuid,
				DataRows = new[] { row }

			var client = new ResourceModelService {Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(UserId, Password)};
			client.SaveDataClass(comp, new[] { dcd });

We tested this and got the Inv_Ownership_Details Table updating but how do we translate this into Workflow.png WF?

Maybe the Code (Script) Component.png Script Generator? Or why don't we build a Component?

Where do we start?

That's a lengthy process in itself so that can be discussed in a future Article.

Chris, a fellow Protirus C# Dev, got to work and created a Component we could use.

  • dll.png Protirus.AssetOwner.Service.dll

If you'd like a copy of this do get in touch

One last thing we need to do in our Workflow is to check if there is already an Owner Association before creating one, we can use the Break Association Web Service from Resource Model.

  • http://localhost/altiris/nswebservice/resourcemodel.asmx?op=BreakAssociation

Now with a combination of the Break Association, Create Association and our new dll any Asset Ownership changes will now be reflected in the SMP.

Useful Documents

"<Install Drive>:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris ASDK\Help\ASDK7.6.chm"

Web Services

  • Resource Model
    • http://localhost/altiris/nswebservice/resourcemodel.asmx
      • Break Association
        • http://localhost/altiris/nswebservice/resourcemodel.asmx?op=BreakAssociation
      • Remove Data Class From Resource
        • http://localhost/altiris/nswebservice/resourcemodel.asmx?op=RemoveDataClassFromResource
      • Save Data Class
        • http://localhost/altiris/nswebservice/resourcemodel.asmx?op=SaveDataClass


  • Resource Management Service
    • http://localhost/altiris/asdk.ns/ResourceManagementService.asmx​
      • Create Resource Association​
        • http://localhost/altiris/asdk.ns/ResourceManagementService.asmx?op=CreateResourceAssociation

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01-04-2018 11:14 AM

*** Note ***

When running the workflow in debug mode it utilizes permissions given to the account that is logged into the server. However, after it is published the App Pool it runs under in IIS has an identity with permissions.

Thank you @AlexHedley for clearing that up.


01-03-2018 03:28 PM

Thank you Alex for sharing the Protirus Asset Owner component with me and for the assistance through e-mail. The key to getting it working for me was making the AD account I was logged in as on my workflow server a Symantec Admin on the SMP. This made the "User is not authenticated" errors stop.


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