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Is 2016 the year for ransomware? 

03-15-2016 08:20 AM

Customers ranging from SMBs to Large Enterprises showed renewed focus to keep malware at bay in 2015. Threat protection roadmaps are also proving that organizations need to be able to detect malware quickly across multiple control points, combined with a layered approach to sniff out malware that’s either hard to detect or coming into the organization in ways that are different than before.
Although ransomware already had our attention, it recently it got “very real” for a California hospital who’s network was held hostage and kept offline for over a week! Stakes are going up and it seems like all company sizes and verticals are at-risk.

While we attempt to educate user’s awareness about today’s threats and their role in helping keep themselves and the company safer, the need for better technical controls to address the gap is very real and ever increasing.

Learn how ransomware has evolved, but more importantly, better understand what it takes to minimize it’s likelihood in your environment leveraging your existing Symantec investments from the experts at ITS Partners.

Watch the video from the Security Experts at ITS Partners here. 

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12-27-2016 07:07 AM

Now we can now say it is definitely the year of ransomware. In this post, every single day is full of ransomware events:

06-16-2016 10:47 AM

Good Article

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