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Send Email Component Via SMTP 

06-13-2012 09:49 AM


Component definition

This component allows you to send an email to a recipient or recipients using an SMTP server.

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Definition of component input value or values

Input values
Addressing Input value name Input value data type Example format
  To Addresses Text
  CC Addresses Text
  BCC Addresses Text
  From Address Text
  Reply To Address Text
  Send Confirmation To Text
Contents Subject Text Test Subject
  Contents Text Test Body
  Priority Text (options list) Normal
  Format Text (options list) HTML
  File Attachments FileDataType[]  


Definition of component output value or values

This component does not output any standard, usable data.

Connection information

Connection Info
Field Name Field value data type Field Example format
SMTPServer Name Text
Smtp Server Port Number/Integer 465
Use SSL Logical(True/False) True
Authenticate Logical(True/False) True
User Name Text
User Password Text ***********
Timeout Number/Integer 120

Component settings

There are no additional, functional, non-standard settings for this component.


Use case


Using Gmail SMTP to Send Notifications

Using this component, a properly configured test Gmail account may be used for email functionality.

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