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How to upgrade your SEP11 license to SEP12 online 

07-05-2011 03:33 PM

A number of customers are having issues getting their SEP11 license keys upgraded to SEP12 keys, hopefully this quick blog will guide you through the process.  Please note that in order for this process to work, your SEP11 license MUST be registered in the licensing portal - if not you will need to register that first.

1.       Navigate to https://licensing.symantec.com

2.       Enter the details you have previously signed up with (the account that is registered for SEP11) and click Login


3.       Choose the “Version Upgrade” option


4.       Either enter the Upgrade Notification ID you have been sent from Symantec (this is unlikely so close to launch) or click “I don’t have an Upgrade Notification ID”


5.       Choose the customer number associated to your SEP license (you MUST have a SEP11 license registered in this portal)

6.       Choose the Endpoint Security 12.1 notification ID (note the date, JULY 5th 2011)


7.       Click Upgrade next to the product you wish to upgrade to SEP12.1

Note that if you haven’t previously upgraded an associated product (SAV for instance) then you may be prompted with the screen below.  If that is the case, click “View a list of Earlier Upgrade Notifications” and work through the process until you are allowed to upgrade to 12.1.


Eventually, you will be prompted with this:


8.       Tick the box “select” then click Upgrade, you may be prompted for user information


You now have a license key that can be used on fileconnect to download the SEP12.1 software.  Take the license key you see on the webpage and enter it on https://fileconnect.symantec.com


You can now install SEP12.  Once you have installed, you will want to follow this KB: http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=HOWTO55294 to get the product activated with the license you just downloaded.

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06-04-2012 06:58 AM

very good information


05-15-2012 12:59 PM

Thank you helped me a lot.

02-29-2012 04:02 AM

thank you very much for the detailed instruction, this is a lot a time friv saver!

02-21-2012 01:59 PM


12-16-2011 09:55 AM


Thank you sir

11-15-2011 03:38 AM

10-11-2011 10:04 AM

Thank you.

This works for me.

09-12-2011 11:49 PM

Thanks for this paul. I really needed this to share my team.

09-02-2011 01:02 PM

Try to navigate this link: for instruction on upgrading to SEP 12.1:


Yes. SEP 12.1 requires a license file. BUt if you a the serial # for SEP 12.1, you may check this link for the installation:



09-02-2011 12:23 PM

Still not easy to manage: I see if we got multiple contract, I download multiple "slf" XML files, So we can install multiple 'slf' on a solution to sumulate the client numbers ?

SEP11 "Enterprise" was not needing lic files, now SEP 12 requires ??

09-01-2011 02:38 PM

Customers may also navigate this links for instruction on how they can register their serial numbersna dn Version Upgrade Notifications in License Portal:



08-18-2011 03:10 PM

Do you have to re install with the current version?

08-10-2011 02:26 AM

Thanks a lot Paul! This was very helpful to me.

I can now download SEP 12.1.




07-27-2011 03:32 PM


Does the customer have to uninstall the old version and re install with the new version after the upgrade is complete and they have recieve the new setup file from file connect?

07-26-2011 05:02 AM

All 11.x does not require the license file to be implemented.

All 12.x versions (12.0.x Small Business, 12.1.x Small Business, 12.1.x Enterprise) requires the license file to be activated in the product

07-22-2011 06:04 AM

If you do the licence upgradation then only you can get the latest updates for your latest version?

07-20-2011 08:16 PM

Hi, what's the difference in the licensing implementation between 11 and 12 for server and clients?

07-15-2011 03:46 AM

许多客户在将SEP11许可证密钥升级到SEP12时都有问题,希望这种快速的博客将引导您完成整个过程。 请注意,为了这个过程有效,您SEP11许可证必须在许可的门户网站注册,如果没有,你需要注册,第一:

1。 导航到 https://licensing.symantec.com

2。 输入您以前签订(SEP11注册的帐户)的详细信息,并单击“登录”

3。 选择“版本升级”选项

4。 输入赛门铁克发送给您的升级通知ID(这是不可能如此近期发布),或按“我没有升级通知ID”

5。 选择与您的SEP的牌照关联的客户编号(你必须在这个门户网站注册过SEP11许可证)

6。 选择端点安全12.1通知编号(请注意日期,2011年7月5日 )

7。 在你想升级到SEP12.1的产品旁边点击“升级” 请注意,如果您以前没有升级的相关产品(例如SAV),那么你可能会见到下面的屏幕提示 。 如果是这样的话,单击“查看更早的版本升级通知列表”,然后进行升级,直到你被允许升级到12.1 。 最终,你会被提示:

8。 勾选框“选择”,然后点击升级,可能会请求输入您的用户信息

您现在有一个可以在fileconnect用于下载的SEP12.1软件的许可证密钥 。 复制您在网页上看到 许可证密钥,,将它输入https://fileconnect.symantec.com

07-08-2011 03:48 AM

We have created a similar and extended german Version of this Tutorial in our Forum.


Upgrade auf SEP12 oder Enterprise Suite auch ohne Email Benachrichtigung von Symantec

for german speaking Customers only!

07-07-2011 11:54 AM

good work Paul! Alot of our customers are asking about this thingie =)

07-06-2011 12:28 AM

So after upgrading the license here then only the setup will be available at my file connect site??

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