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HURRY- It’s Still Not Too Late to Migrate to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 

Mar 16, 2016 01:38 PM

If you have already migrated to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 (SEP 12.1), great! That means you have the full protection stack with the intelligent security technologies to protect you from today’s sophisticated threats. If you’re still on Symantec Endpoint Protection version 11.0.x (SEP 11), it’s still not too late for you to migrate to SEP 12.1 and become secure from targeted attacks and advanced threats.

We would like to bring to your attention that Symantec will be releasing a new version of SEP in the second half of the year 2016. The next major release will include new features and drop support for other features, meaning we will no longer support SEP 11 once we deliver the next major release. Since SEP 11 reached end-of-support-life on January 5th, 2015, virus definitions and security updates have already ceased to be publishing to LiveUpdate, and general support for the product is no longer provided.

As a final reminder, all current customers should ensure they have fully migrated to SEP 12.1, the Best Protection Award Winner in 2015 from AV-TEST independent test institute.

Please see the quick overview of what’s happening and plan ahead for the changes. For a understanding of all the advanced protection features in SEP 12.1, watch this four-minute Demo Video. It’s easy to upgrade from SEP 11 to SEP 12.1 using three simple steps and the best practices. Check out the migration page HERE and upgrade now.



For the Next Major Release:

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager will not install on 32-bit operating systems.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager will not install on Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP.
  • The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager database will not support Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager will not migrate from version 11.x or Small Business Edition (SBE) 12.0.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager will not import or create 11.x client packages.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager will not download 11.x content.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager migration will remove 11.x content from the management server database.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Managers that manage 11.x clients will send notifications to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Administrators to advise of the unsupported clients.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager no longer supports vShield-enabled Shared Insight Cache (VSIC) and Security Virtual Appliance (SVA).

For more details, please refer to this article.

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