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Sizeable Annotation 

06-13-2012 09:44 AM

Component definition

This component allows you to add arbitrary, unformatted text to your process model. You can manually resize the component to fit the text you enter. Returns are respected so multi-line comments can be displayed.

Component icon


Definition of component input value or values

Double click on the annotation to enter the text to be displayed. Returns will create a new line. After you are done editing, click on OK to exit edit mode. Choose Cancel to leave your original text unchanged. If necessary, resize the component to display all your text. Long lines will automatically be wrapped at the right edge of the component. If there is too much text to display at the bottom it will be cut off (no scrollbar is displayed).

Definition of component output value or values

Connection information


Component settings


Use case

Document the logical flow of a model

It can be used to create pseudo-code describing the logical flow of your model. For example, it might describe the inputs that are passed and validation done to those. Followed by the main logic loop and return values. It could also describe the types of error handling that this model performs and how it reports errors.

Todo list

Use this component to create a numeric list of todo's (or just use * if priority isn't important) as you are developing your model, one per line. You can then delete each line as that task is completed.

Document Test Cases

You could also use this component to document test cases that the model must pass. This is especially useful for cases where someone other than the original developer might need to maintain the model.

[Example 4]

[Describe the use case. Insert screen shots or package files. Insert a description of how the settings are configured. Insert additional information about the use case that you are submitting.]

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