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CWP TestDrive using AWS Cloud Formation Template (CFT) 

06-09-2017 03:46 PM

Last Updated: Jan 31 2018

This Page has information on AWS Cloud formation Template (CFT) based test drive that can be used by CWP users to speed up creation of a demo/test stack on AWS. This template automates the creation of instances, subnets, VPC's etc. and documents describe various use cases that can be leveraged for Proof of Concept and validations.


Multi-tier Organisation Setup

ABC Trade Corporation is a leading multi-national company. It has typical N-tier architecture, separating front-end and back-end of the organisation. Each tier has restricted access policy to keep it safe. For example, application tier will serve requests coming from the web tier only. Web servers are publicly accessible through a load balancer. Web servers can scale dynamically as per the incoming load. The complete setup is shown in the figure below. 

Different server configurations of the organisation are,

Web Server - RHEL7.0 OS running Apache HTTP Server                             

Application Server - AmazonLinux OS running Tomcat Server
Database Server - AmazonLinux OS running MySQL Server 
Key Product Features
Cloud Assurance for AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI as well as on-premise and private cloud servers using OS Hardening, Application Control, Realtime File Integrity Monitoring (RT-FIM), Antimalware, Container security, Intrusion Detection (IDS), Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Immutable Workloads, Extensible REST API's
Additional Notes
Please refer to the attached "Demo_CFT.pdf" for test drive of few sample use cases.
Attachment details
1. Demo_CFT.pdf - This document provides detailed step by step instructions for creation of Demo stack and few sample use cases.
2. Test - This zip file contains the cloud formation template (CFT) JSON file that can be used for creation of demo stack. It also has the key for CWP Agent (referenced in Demo_CFT.pdf)
3. CreatingDemoSetup_4.mp4 - This recorded video provides step by step process for creation of demo stack

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