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Configuring and using Program Control with Endpoint Protection  

02-10-2014 03:00 AM

This program illustrates how to configure and use Program Control which is part the Endpoint Protection Smart Firewall.



Welcome to this program on Configuring and using Program Control with Endpoint Protection.

In this video, you'll see:

·        How to configure and use Program Control

Smart Firewall discovers the applications running on your endpoint computers.

It allows these programs to run safely.

However, your organization's policies may prohibit the use of a discovered application.

Program Control enables you to allow or block any of the discovered programs.

Program Control is found in a custom, Endpoint Protection policy in the Network Protection section.

You add a discovered program to the list in order to control it.

Once added to the Discovered Program list, you can block the program, then later reenable it so that the program is allowed. 

Some organizations find it useful to allow or block programs without developing explicit firewall rules. Other customers tell us that it is an easy way to block online gaming.

The usefulness of Program Control is really determined by your needs.

Once your policy implementing Program Control is dispatched, blocked programs will not run on your endpoints.

This concludes the video "Configuring and using Program Control with Endpoint Protection." 

Thanks for watching.

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