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My Bake-off Results from Remote Support Tools  

02-17-2016 05:26 PM

I know some of you guys and gals are looking at new remote support tools - here are the sanitized results of my bake off. I tested Bomgar, GoToAssist and LogMeIN as they were the three largest and well suited for my 25k desktops, 600 tech support personal, 35k employees. These are unofficial results and observations of my personal experience in the last 3 months. 

If you have HEAT help desk Bomgar integrates beautifully with it - even has a tab in the help desk. Keeps the history of all chats in HEAT also. 

Bake off comparison of Bomgar, Citrix GoToAssist and LogMeIn Rescue. With 2 week roll out of each product. Bomgar won by a long shot. The HEAT integration and AD integration was fantastic and tipping point. 

LogMeIN Rescue was the rudest and pushiest sales rep I have encountered in 25 years. The Tech SE was pretty good but the Sales rep was unbelievable. Kept asking for my management and was a I really authorized to make a decision. Fired her and said never call me again cc to district sales manager. 

High points of Bomgar - Ad integration, Automated user adds and deletes, automated workflows available, custom workflows available for techs to use during session, remote shadowing, transfer of session, playback of session, unlimited install of remote client, web version of connection for external machines and users, 2 factor authentication, mobile, and more. Connection speeds 10-15 seconds internal or external.  Great sales reps and tech support. Very nice to work with 

Price for 5 on site appliance 5 years was same as CItrix GoToAssist! ITS really worked with us on this one. Year one was high – year 2-5 is really good

Citrix GoToAssist

Very nice lightweight cloud based remote connection app, easy setup - however no AD integration, which means manual set up of users. Level of customization is not to the level of Bomgar, User Enrollment is VERY easy, very fast to establish remote connection – under 10 seconds in some cases, fast screen display –Bomgar was fast but GoToAssist was a little faster. Great sales and tech guys. If you have Citrix in shop already price is pretty killer.

LogMeIn Rescue

Cloud Based, no Ad integration well it could if you installed an open source application on your AD server ! security group was horrified at this, External sessions were fast – however because it installs a web part at every remote connection it was slow internal due to our internal security restrictions. We saw up to 180second connection times internally. Externally it was 10 seconds. Web Console for admins was clunky – no ad integration meant everything was hand setup.Killed Pilot on second day due to internal connection speeds at start and also due to session speed during session.

Cost was 2.5 times what GotoAssist was – same as Bomgar for first year and then that price every year after wards. – think $2400 a user 

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03-19-2018 09:41 AM

Interesting article. Your readers might also find this direct comparison between LogMeIn Rescue and Bomgar on IT Central Station to be helpful (there aren't any reviews of GoToAssist yet, but you can feel free to add your thoughts there if you'd like).

It's interesting that you mention that LogMeIn Rescue is expensive. Some IT Central Station users agree with you, but this user in particular writes, "It probably pays for itself in the first 60 days of use every year." You can take a look at the rest of his review here

08-07-2017 02:20 AM

Hey, you can also add on premise R-HUB remote support servers in above list. It provides collaborative remote support and knowledge sharing.

04-19-2016 07:18 PM

i am waiting on project approval to move forward. Bomgar is still going to be my choice. Now I just have to sell management on its value 


UPDATE - i did talk to my Bomgar rep on the forthcoming CONNECT product that some of you might have heard about for remote connection. please be aware that it has no ad connection ability and many other tools are missing 


04-19-2016 03:46 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience.

2 months have passed - do you have any some more experience to share  ? Bomgar still is a good choice made ?


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