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Ghost boot disk

  • 1.  Ghost boot disk

    Posted 02-20-2019 03:05 AM


    I intended to make a bootable USB drive with Ghost installed for cloning disks. So I bought GSS 3.3, have everything installed and followed the instructions to create GSS boot disk. The boot disk does boot up but was stuck in the command prompt window. I expected to see Ghost startup automamtically but it didn't happened, all I've got is just a blinking cursor.

    Anyone knows what I've done wrong?


  • 2.  RE: Ghost boot disk

    Posted 02-20-2019 11:25 AM

    2 things. 


    First If you were expecting Ghost to load up into the GUI then make sure you installed the ghost standard tools.    and that you are using the boot wiz from the standard tools.   The full console and standard tools boot disk creators look nearly identical but what they build is not. 

    Second.   Make sure you select that ghost is included in the OEM extention.  Either ghost or al as all will include ghost.   If you dont' include this you will have a fine windows pe boot disk but no ghost files. 


    here is a screen shot from my ghost standard tools boot disk creator when the OEM extention set to all.