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  • 1.  WSS_HTTPS_8084 SERVICE

    Posted 01-14-2020 08:44 AM

    Hello, how are you?


    I have an issue, here I have 3 services to WSS, one with port 8080, another with port 8443 and another with port 8084, this with port 8084 the service is down.

    All of those services are using the IP as Host.

    This IP is from Brazil...


    But, I don't know wich impact this can has here in our environment. If I lost one of those services, what can happens?

  • 2.  RE: WSS_HTTPS_8084 SERVICE

    Posted 01-14-2020 09:50 AM
    Hi, Can you let me know where you have created those services ?

  • 3.  RE: WSS_HTTPS_8084 SERVICE

    Posted 01-15-2020 07:06 AM

    Hello Aboonaim,


    On Configuration > Forwarding > Forwading Hosts


    Note: we change the our link and the service was up again. It's a link trouble