Data Loss Prevention

  • 1.  DLP 15.8 MP1 agent issue

    Posted 07-22-2021 04:59 AM
    Hi Team,

    Recently we have upgrade the DLP server to the latest version 15.8 MP1.
    Started to install the client manually on some machines.
    After installation am seeing lot of errors in the console as mentioned below.
    Chrome extension not deployed, edge extension not deployed, Excel plugin tampered, word plugin tampered etc.
    is there any solution for this.
    I have tried to upgrade the previous client. Same issue.
    Uninstalled the previous version client and tried fresh install. Same issue.
    used cleanwipe cleared the previous version completely and tried the fresh installation. Same issue.
    One more thing I notice is the edge extension and chrome extension issue is mainly happening when we are connected to open network.
    When i am on VPN I can see the extensions in the respective browsers.
    When I am connected to open network the extension is not there in the browsers.
    if some one has come across the above issues, please help

    We are using DLP endpoint prevent
    Enforce and detection on one server.
    Internet detection on different server.
    Database on a different server(Oracle 19c)