BLUE COAT PacketShaper 7500 disabling TLS 1.1

  • 1.  BLUE COAT PacketShaper 7500 disabling TLS 1.1

    Posted 07-22-2020 06:38 AM
    I need a solution.


    We are using BLUE COAT PacketShaper 7500 with image v9.2.13g1 with Bootloader Version M200 Bootloader v7.0
    Under system variables Security TLS 1.0 Client and Server we can select to on and off for TLS 1.0 but for TLS 1.1 there isn't anything at all. From our Security vulnerabilities department is generating reports TLS 1.1 version detection. 

    We already disabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in our browser and our web interface connection is working on TLS 1.2 connection but if we disable TLS 1.2 web interface for PacketShaper isn't working. Either 1.1 or 1.2 we need to enable for accessing PacketShaper with https  
    Is there any way to disable TLS 1.1 in our PacketShaper either by web interface or CLI 

    Adnan N. Ahmed