VIP (Validation ID Protection)

MORE new ideas - ready for your votes!

  • 1.  MORE new ideas - ready for your votes!

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 07-29-2021 03:09 PM
    Several new ideas have been posted to the community for VIP!

    These ideas are have been accepted for voting and we encourage you to review them and add your comments and votes if you would like to see them added to the product. We use community feedback to help prioritize the backlog and determine what is most desired from all of you.

    VIP Certificate permissions
    VIP PAM plugin available via modern means
    VIP Manager Alert: Outdated VIP Enterprise Gateway
    Push support for VIP Manager
    VIP Access for Android: Split Screen support
    Include Device IP which approves the 2FA request in VIP Manager transaction report

    Looking forward to seeing your comments and votes!

    Product Manager - Symantec VIP