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Solution for VDI through WSS

  • 1.  Solution for VDI through WSS

    Posted 01-14-2020 05:41 AM

    Dear Team,


    Our client has a POC of VDI(virtual desktop interface). They want to install WSS UA in the server. all users will connect oner server as per system base credential account then it will show their system as a virtual. It will help to save Microsoft o365 license and other third-party security licenses because it will need to install only the server,  This is the requirement. 


      I have already informed them WSS UA only configured of the operating system, not for server end. how we provide a solution to this scenario. 

  • 2.  RE: Solution for VDI through WSS

    Posted 01-15-2020 07:22 PM
    Hi, Configure explicit proxy in VDI and enable captive portal to identify the users since from vdi we can only get single information.