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Download patch based on schedule

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    Posted 09-16-2020 08:46 PM
    I'm trying to have a patch policy download a patch based on a schedule window. What I did was export the patch policy that I want to add a schedule window as a xml. Edit the xml and set the date and time in the future:


    <installSchedule><schedule tz="Local" start="2020-09-16 00:00:00 "><trigger type="Daily" exact="True" at="09:30:00 " duration="01:30:00" repetition="01:00:00" frequency="1" /><trigger type="Once" exact="True" at="09:30:00 " /></schedule></installSchedule>​

    Change immediately="true" to immediately="false", so the download does not start when the assessment scan is done:
    <download useClientDefaults="false" option="always" multicast="Enable" minDownloadSpeed="0" minExecuteSpeed="0" requiresUserActivation="false" notifyWhenAvailable="false" removeAfterRun="false" immediately="false" clientDownloadsDisabled="false" notifyBeforeExecution="false" maxExecutionDeferral="0" peerDownloadEnabled="true" />​After the policy is enabled and the client's configuration is updated, the download starts immediately even though the policy says no. I double click on the patch from the software updates tab on the client and confirmed it shouldn't download immediately:

    Download the package files as soon as possible: No

    So was that supposed to happen? Is there a way to schedule the patch to download at a specific time?