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VBS custom Data Class - Get additional attributes

  • 1.  VBS custom Data Class - Get additional attributes

    Posted 10-17-2021 11:00 AM

    Hi Experts,
    could any one please remind me how to edit this query, so I will be able to gather not only the name of the file, but also the version and the product name?:
    i've tried adding more attributes, but I was not successful in VBS:

    'objDataRow.SetField 1, objFile.Size
    'objDataRow.SetField 2, objFile.File.Version
    'objDataRow.SetField 3, objFile.Product.Name

    Only able to extract file name:

    'Create Inventory data block. The following data class with below guid is already configured on server.
    'Brackets are required around the dataclass guid. To get this GUID, click on the custom data class and then the hand (details).
    dim objDCInstance
    set objDCInstance = nse.AddDataClass ("customdataclass") '***your custom data class name here
    ' or "{GUID of CUSTOM DATA CLASS include brackets}"
    dim objDataClass
    set objDataClass = nse.AddDataBlock (objDCInstance)

    'Add a new row
    dim objDataRow
    set objDataRow = objDataClass.AddRow
    dim fileName
    fileNameD = "filename.exe" '***full path and name of the file to be detected

    if(objFSO.FileExists(fileNameD)) Then
    'If the file exist on the computer, get the details
    Set objFile = objFSO.GetFile(fileName)
    objDataRow.SetField 0, objFile.Name
    objDataRow.SetField 0, "Not Found"
    End If

    ' Send the NSE data to the NS server
    ' msgBox nse.XML '***Uncomment this line for testing