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ICE Cloud

  • 1.  ICE Cloud

    Posted 04-16-2020 12:57 PM

    I have question about ICE (information Centric Encryption). we bought it 3 month ago and we couldn't configured yet. Because in Broadcom there is not any document about installation our deploying. Anyway we found a link in symantec ( this is almost helps us. but we stuck in ICE Cloud. we read about it but we do not know how could we access to it. Do you have any document that help us to access to it? because I deployed On-premises keystore appliance and I find out we must be create a connection with ICE Cloud. ICE Cloud must be help us to configured On-premises keystore. And in the other hand we have DLP. In DLP product we must be integrate with ICE Cloud. So we stuck in ICE Cloud.
    If anyone knows about this, please help us.

  • 2.  RE: ICE Cloud

    Posted 04-16-2020 04:01 PM
    I have some docs about ICE. I hope it will be helpful.



    DLP_Cloud_console_ICE.pdf   1.03MB 1 version
    ICE deployment guide.pdf   4.04MB 1 version
    Release notes.pdf   151K 1 version

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    Posted 04-22-2020 12:58 AM
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    Thank you for sending ICE Documents. Do you know about ICE Cloud?? How I can access ICE Cloud? It must have an address. Someone has sent me this link:, but when I opened this website, this message appear for me. and there is no option for changing account or create new one. I think Broadcom agents didnt know about this link. because they cant help me about it.