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WiseScript Package Editor errors when writing to text file

  • 1.  WiseScript Package Editor errors when writing to text file

    Posted 05-02-2010 05:10 PM
    I'm hoping that somebody else has run into this scenario and can provide some suggestions.

    Running WiseScript Package Editor as part of Wise Installation System 7.0 SP1.  When the script we've created does an "insert line into text file" many times in a row (10-20) times we sometimes get a message from the .exe that access is denied to the text file.  We can't receate it every time so it's hard to track down.  We've run procmon when this happens and it appears that the only other thing accessing that file is fcag.exe (McAfee DLP).  We've tried inserting a 20ms pause right after each write to the text file which has helped but we're still seeing the issue. 

    If anybody can help with this I'd appreciate it.

  • 2.  RE: WiseScript Package Editor errors when writing to text file

    Posted 05-03-2010 08:31 AM
    The first thing to try is removing McAfee, to verify absolutely that this is the cause.
    Assuming it is,   is McAfee responding to a specific file extension that your text file is using, or the location that the text file is being written? 
    Your options are to either amend the McAfee configuration to stop it doing this, or to amend your Wisescript so that the text file is written in a single operation and not as a series of operations.
    If I recall correctly, a wisescript variable can hold up to 32 K characters, so unless your text file is greater than this, it should be possible to append each line plus a CR/LF to a specified variable, and then write the variable out to a text file once all the appends are complete.

    If your wisescript creates an installation log then you might also want to check its integrity as the installation log can be written as a series of separate updates to the text file, and could thus also be affected by McAfee misbehaviour.