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File reader Warning for Nework prevent for web (ContentExtractorTimeoutException)

  • 1.  File reader Warning for Nework prevent for web (ContentExtractorTimeoutException)

    Posted 02-13-2020 06:13 AM



    I am getting this warning when i try to upload big files more than 10 mb, no issue when the size is less than 10 mb.


    WARNING: [6756] Failed to get data from the client., Exception thrown from : ServerShmChannelImpl.cpp(202) FilterTextExtractor.cpp 116
    13 févr. 2020 12:01:03 com.vontu.cracker.TextExtractionDelegate getTextForFile
    WARNING: Error encountered during content extraction for type [doc].
    com.vontu.cracker.ContentExtractorTimeoutException: TimeoutException occured
        at com.vontu.cracker.jni.NativeTextExtractor.filterText(
        at com.vontu.cracker.NativeTextExtractorAdapter.filterText(
        at com.vontu.cracker.TextExtractionDelegate.getTextForFile(
        at com.vontu.messaging.chain.ComponentQueueProcessor.getTextForComponent(
        at com.vontu.messaging.chain.ComponentQueueProcessor.processBinaryComponent(
        at com.vontu.messaging.chain.ComponentQueueProcessor.processMessageComponents(
        at com.vontu.messaging.chain.MessageContentExtractor.processMessage(
        at com.vontu.messaging.chain.MessageContentExtractor.processMessage(
        at com.vontu.messaging.chain.MessageChain.processMessage(
    13 févr. 2020 12:01:03 com.vontu.icap.RequestProcessor handleInductorException
    WARNING: On ICAP connection ID=1316 unrecoverable error: Error sending approval. Closing this connection.


    and also on the web when i upload i am getting "an icap error was encountered while handling the request"


    Can somebody help if they encounter this issue?



    Satyajeet Anand