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Gateway enforcer status is online(stanby)

  • 1.  Gateway enforcer status is online(stanby)

    Posted 03-22-2015 07:30 AM

    Hi All,

    i have two lan enforcers and two gateway enforcers installed, now i trying to install a third gateway enforcer which will act as a websever for on-demand.

    The problem is that when i register the third gateway to the manager, i get the following results:

    Enforcer Status:                ONLINE (STANBY)

    Policy Manager Connected:       NO

    Policy Manager:        HTTP 8014

    Packets Received:                0

    Packets Transmitted:            0

    Packet Receive Failed:         0

    Packet Transfer Failed:         0

    Enforcer Health:                EXCELLENT

    Enforcer Uptime:                49 days 17:30:00

    So it's like the gateway enforcers are in failover mode, please how to disable failover ?

    i really need your help please.

    Best Regards,



  • 2.  RE: Gateway enforcer status is online(stanby)

    Posted 03-30-2015 08:32 AM


    Thank you for posting in Symantec community.

    I haven't worked on this product, but by going through notes and documents it seems it's working as per design only.

    An enterprise can support two Gateway Enforcer appliances that are configured to continue operations when one of the Gateway Enforcer appliances fails.

    If you start the other Gateway Enforcer appliance, it remains the standby Gateway Enforcer appliance because it detects that another Gateway Enforcer appliance is active.

    Refer this Implementation guide for more details: