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Advanced CCS notificaitons/subscriptions etc...

  • 1.  Advanced CCS notificaitons/subscriptions etc...

    Posted Jul 12, 2011 01:49 PM

    Over the past year there have been many backend changes to the support site etc and it seems as if all the subscriptions that I had signed up for have stopped working.

    Does anyone in the user community know the best avenue to sign up for notifications/subscriptions in relation to the CCS product similar to one I would have received about the 10.5 SP1 notice if my current subscription was working.

    Here is what I have found so far...

    To subscribe to the new email notification service, you will need a SymAccount:

    For details on how to Create a SymAccount:

    To view what's been sent for your products during this transition, visit the Software Alerts page for your product, as shown in this article noted above.
     Symantec strongly recommends the following Best Practices:
    • Subscribe to the Alerts channel for your Symantec products.
    • Visit the Common Topics pages periodically for your Symantec products.
    • Visit the Software Alerts page periodically, to ensure you are receiving your Notifications.


    I have to admit this is driving me just a little insane because....

    The Sym Account page directed me to the:

    The Manage subscription page which says:

    Subscriptions allow you to receive email updates about Symantec product content, downloads and more. To subscribe:

    1. Go to a product landing page in the Business Support section
    2. Click one of the Common Topics or an article title
    3. Click on the Subscribe: Email link. You can also subscribe via the RSS feed.

    Which directed me to the business support page:

    Where I selected a random product - Control Compliance Suite Windows for example

    And ALAS after clicking through about 5 liniks there is no subscribe email link:

    It cant be this hard to sign up for advanced notification of products can it???




    which took me to the