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Transparent Proxy Physical Connectivity

  • 1.  Transparent Proxy Physical Connectivity

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hello there,

    We are trying to implement transparent proxy and need High Availability in Active/Standby configuration. My concern is how to do the physical connectivity for the virtually in-line implementation. Do we just use the same interface that connects the wccp router for redirection where the proxy is connected? Or we can use two different ports on the wccp router, one where the proxy is connected and one where the router receives the internet traffic from the clients? What will be the configuration on each port on the wccp router in this case? I have seen documents and it just concerns the one interface where wccp redirection is done.

    Also, how to implement Active/Standby HA in this scenario. I would appreciate any design reference that shows the physical connectivity and basic configurations.

    Thanks in advance