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Feature Request: PC Info tab in agent

  • 1.  Feature Request: PC Info tab in agent

    Posted 7 days ago
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    Background: We deployed BGinfo to all of our shared clinic devices so users could give device info to service desk but I ran into two things I disliked about that. The person had to minimize their screen to get to that info and when we tried to scale it out to all devices we started to run into wallpaper issues and high DPI so I went down a different path.

    I created a scheduled powershell that runs at every login on all desktops that creates a toast icon in the task area that user can click on to show them info, this means no more having to minimize the screen or deal with tattooing stuff on the desktop. Downside is if I ever want to add or change stuff its kind of a pain to delete the scheduled task out of windows and redeploy the changes and the whole thing kind of makes SES angry when it sees this PowerShell running all the time.

     Idea: The agent is already collecting all the info people need and is already on every desktop, it would be great to have a section within the agent that we could display all the pc info for the user when they call into the service desk. I know it would be a whole change to the how the agent may work but I can't be the only person who would love to see something like this, we could just direct users to it when we need to know any info like last reboot etc.
     Attached is the current info I am getting with the powershell, users just click on it to run and get's IP address etc.


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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 6 days ago
    Edited by Sergei Zjaikin 6 days ago
    Do you think adding a new panel like "Idenitfication" below named "Operating System" or something like that would help you?
    You can copy text from those panels, also you can zoom text in there.

  • 3.  RE: Feature Request: PC Info tab in agent

    Posted 6 days ago
    Yes, that would be an option. It could have the OS(feature level so 1809/1909/etc) ip, and last reboot would be awesome. Those are pretty much the main things that user needs to supply when they call in or the help desk needs to check if they jump on the computer. 

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