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Linux UI for CMS/ITMS Agent (Beta testers needed)

  • 1.  Linux UI for CMS/ITMS Agent (Beta testers needed)

    Posted 03-26-2020 01:59 PM
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    I've designed a CMS/ITMS Agent UI for the Linux desktop (Gnome/KDE), pdf with screen shots attached.

    It's called NixAGUI, Nix for Linux and AGUI for Agent GUI (I know... really original naming convention).

    It displays most of the basic information needed to understand what the Agent configurations are and current activities being performed on the host machine, it was designed to remove the need for excess command line(s) and utilization of Vim or another editor, with some additions thrown in to make diagnostics easier. A one stop interface if you will.

    Please review, if interested in helping improve it - let me know.

    I am offering it to the community. Hope it helps if you are managing a Linux environment, I am also working on a Text UI or TUI for servers.

    Instructions in PDF attachment.




    NixAGUI.pdf   1.68MB 1 version