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Security Role: Creating client jobs

  • 1.  Security Role: Creating client jobs

    Posted 05-08-2020 03:54 AM

    We would like to give the possibility of create jobs to our customers. Our customers are divided by countries, so each country has their role. All countries roles for those countries are the same except because each country can see only their resources based on AD folders.

    The country roles have the possibility to create quick delivery tasks, and we would like to give them also the right for creating new Job. I have added this right, and they could create a new client job but whenever I try to add new task to the role, I get an Denied Access error in the console (in the logs this error does not appear, so I cannot check to what item I should give read access).

    When I give "read" access over "Task" folder to the Role, the problem is solved, butu I dont want to give read access to Task folder because they will see too much things including the taks/jobs of other countries.

    Something strange is that, If instead of give read right over task folder, I add all subfolders within "tasks" with read access, the problem persist. So I dont know what is the object that should have read access in order to the country role can add tasks to one client job. 

    (tasks folder without read rights)

    rest of all subfolders with read right:

    etc etc and it didnt work

    Thanks for your help.