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DCS Agent Installation Failing In AWS EMR

  • 1.  DCS Agent Installation Failing In AWS EMR

    Posted 09-13-2020 11:46 PM
    Has anyone had a similar experience with DCS agent installation on AWS EMR or Hadoop clusters? Basically, we are launching an AWS EMR cluster and trying to install DCS agent on the nodes. When we launch the cluster with an Amazon Machine Image that already has the DCS image it is failing to launch the cluster. Logs seem to indicate the DCS agent is blocking the core nodes from being launched. As a second approach, the EMR cluster was launched without the DCS agent and it works fine. We then installed the DCS agent on the master node and it installs with some errors. On the core nodes, we cannot install the DCS agents and that installation keeps failing. Is there something that precludes DCS from being installed on the core nodes?

    I checked the security groups, I checked ports, etc and all look to be correct.

    Any guidance/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!