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Script to check SEP version and definiton dates

  • 1.  Script to check SEP version and definiton dates

    Posted 20 days ago

    We have a mix environment with around 400 servers and SEP is managed by compliance team which responds way too late for any data requested.

    We are looking for a script which will let us fetch data of all these 400 servers either in plaint text or excel format.
    Only data required is:

    • Current SEP version installed (eg: 14.0.3929.1200)
    • Current SEP Definition date.
    I don't have any scripting background hence the request.
    The script will b executed on one server and it will fetch data from all servers.

    We will plan to run the script every weekend to prepare some reports so this will relatively ease our tasks.

    The script can be in simple batch file or a power shell one.

    I tried few scripts around but either they simply don't work or get stuck on one computer if the server isn't accessible or otherwise.