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Slowness in chrome, linked to SEP ext?

  • 1.  Slowness in chrome, linked to SEP ext?

    Posted 10-20-2021 03:19 PM
    I'm really just trying to cover all my bases here and we had two things go on at about the same time:

    1. Chrome updated to the latest version 92.0.4515.131
    2. We started to migrate everyone to the sep cloud agent meaning they got the chrome SEP addon

    We are now getting a growing number of users reporting websites not loading, but only an issue in chrome and not the edge. I have done all of the normal chrome stuff and we have hardware acceleration turned off, chrome sync is disabled, the cache is cleared on close and they are still seeing the issues so just to cover my bases on the SEP side anyone seeing slowness with chrome since deploying the ext out system-wide?

    Thank you..!