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SEP14 install powershell

  • 1.  SEP14 install powershell

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hello everyone, a colleague and me have been trying to install SEP14 on a bunch of servers using powershell and invoke-WMImethod

    Our problem is that the installation will always set a reboot date and time somewhere during the weekend

    We'd like to remove the reboot completely so some end user can choose when to reboot their server after the install but whatever we use in -ArgumentList it will either set a reboot date or not run the .exe at all (probably if the $arguments are not the right syntax)

    Anyone has an idea on how to implement this?

    $Servers = gc "C:\Temp\servers.txt"
    $Dest = "c$\Temp"
    $arguments = "C:\Temp\SEP14Inst\setup.exe /qn SYMREBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS"
    foreach ($Server in $Servers) {
        write-host "test de connection sur $Server"
        if (test-Connection -Cn $Server -quiet)
    Write-host "Démararage de l'installation"
    Invoke-WmiMethod -Path win32_process -Name create –ComputerName $server –ArgumentList $arguments

  • 2.  RE: SEP14 install powershell

    Posted 24 days ago
    Shouldn't you specify that in the Client Install Settings of your installation package?

    Uponor GmbH