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DLP Licensing and Features

  • 1.  DLP Licensing and Features

    Posted 10-26-2020 04:09 PM
    Hello, I need a DLP solution that allows me to generate alerts and block when a user uploads a file to onedrive or we transfer for example. Does Symantec DLP solution allow me to block users from uploading files to the cloud? If so, what cloud services or pages can I block and finally, I also need  that this tool can coexist with Kaspersky's EPP solution. Is this possible? If Symantec DLP provides me this capabilities I will be pleased to purchase it so if It is possible what license or type of DLP should I use?

  • 2.  RE: DLP Licensing and Features

    Posted 11-18-2020 03:18 AM
    Hello Jose,

    Symantec DLP provides a broad range of modules and is the most mature product in the the industry these days.

    In general, you should stick with a Proxy that is ICAP capable and use Network Prevent for Web for general web-related traffic detection and a CASB solution for those cloud services

    I would recommend the following setup:

    Symantec Web Security Service (Cloud-based proxy)
    Symantec Cloud SOC (CASB Gateway and SaaS)
    DLP-CDS-SUB       DLP Cloud Detection Service Cloud DLP for CASB
    DLP-CDS-WSS-SUB   DLP Cloud Detection Service for Web Security Service Addon Cloud DLP for WSS

    keep in mind, that you need an oracle installation for DLP on-prem database
    If you do not have it, you can buy in at Symantec as well:  DLP-OSE2-SUB      DLP Enforce Management Server & Oracle Standard Edition 2 database


    PMCS GmbH & Co. KG