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VIP EG integration with NPS

  • 1.  VIP EG integration with NPS

    Posted 08-22-2020 01:02 PM
    Edited by Sergey 08-22-2020 09:47 PM


    I have NPS deployed in-front of VIP EG, as a main RADIUS system to authenticate users through wireless and VPN. In order to address 2FA requirement for VPN dial-in I have configured Connection Policy in NPS as RADIUS proxy for the RADIUS server running on VIP EG.

    Currently, second-factor is correctly invoked when user logging into Office365, through ADFS infrastructure.

    The goal is to invoke second-factor for users that are connecting through VPN. I do see the traffic making its' way to EG however getting the following error message:

    The below screenshot is from RADIUS validation logs from VIP EG:

    What should I adjust to have this properly working?

    Thank you.