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 What is the purpose of the "(SEP 14)" policies?

posted 10-28-2020 11:42 AM
I would appreciate some clarification regarding the purpose of the SES policies that have "(SEP 14)" in their name, such as Malware Protection (SEP 14).  I see that the settings differ with their non-(SEP 14) counterparts.  If all of my endpoints are running either version 14.3.1169.0100 or 14.3.589.0000, should they use the (SEP 14) policies?  Do the non-(SEP 14) policies only apply to clients running SEP v15?  Is SEP 15 even available for non-on premise endpoints?

The following matrix may help to clarify the SEP 14 reference; SES Policies
I believe these particular policies are relevant when SEP 14 is being managed from the Cloud console in a hybrid deployment model.

A Hybrid deployment model now requires a SES licence (SES Enterprise or SES Complete).  This deployment model was previously referred to as SEP15.  The term SEP15 is no longer used and it is now referred to as Symantec Endpoint Security (SES).

SEP14 is still available as a standalone product and can be purchased with a SEP-specific licence.

Hope this helps.