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 Is there a script or API available to move multiple agents to specific Device Group?

posted 05-19-2021 09:51 AM
Hi Team

So far I have not found any script that helps me to move multiple SES agents from a Default group to a more specific Device Group. The API guide available at Symantec Endpoint Security API commands (broadcom.com) does no include a command that provides that feature.

For those that works with SEP then recall that there´s a script that can be run and that moves agents directly from the Database, so, my question for you is:   Do you know of a process-tool that can be used to minimize manual job of moving agents or identify agents that are not on the appropriate Device group and then move it to the correct one?

Broadcom Employee
This is on the near term roadmap. I'll update this thread when I get an exact ETA.