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 How to check if windows machine have the latest KBs from Microsoft

posted 09-24-2020 07:58 AM
hi Experts, this query i am positively sure ITMS can perform with 100% ease, i just have no idea how to do it:
what is the process needed for me to get a report that will show what machines have the latest KBs and are security aligned, and which machines are missing (and what KBs are missing)?

what is the process i need to perform?
from activating what feature / options in the ITMS NS server? 
download / update what lists?
keep what fields aligned to check

until how to create the report?

i would highly appreciate if you will be able to share maybe a guide or a tutorial for this,


Broadcom Employee

Hi Hagai,

I believe Windows Compliance by Computer report (Reports > Software > Patch Management > Compliance > Windows > Windows Compliance by Computer) should cover most of your requirements.
You can drill down there to see what updates are missing for specific endpoint, etc.

I can also recommend these two sources of Best Practices information: