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 Removal of Symantec Cloud Endpoint protection without Password

posted 06-01-2021 06:23 PM
I have inherited 40 systems that someone installed Symantec Cloud Endpoint Protection on.
They are expired and I DO NOT HAVE THE PASSWORD

I know nothing about the licensing except that they were installed ion march 30 2019.
Broadcom tried looking up the BU company name and my parent company that acquired them but no luck.

Norton CleanSweep tried to remove everything but fails to remove some files (they show in red) so the whole uninstall fails.  (Was told Norton/Symantec are different companies now)
Symantec Cleanwipe goes through and says everything weas removed successfully but it didn't do a damned thing.

I need all traces of Symantec gone so that AWS launch will not fail to boot because PV and NVMe drivers can't be injected at launch time due to being blocked by Symantec.
I cannot get support from Symantec to remove their product without buying a support contract. (Ridiculous)
Really looking for some help here.

Support seems to think this community will be able to solve it quickly but after 3 weeks of trying myself and with AWS support I am out of time.