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The CB Protection Powershell Rapid Config has been updated.

By Larry Howarth posted Sep 16, 2019 03:22 PM


Based on community feedback, we’ve updated the Powershell Rapid Config. These new updates will be pushed out today via the CDC to all 8.0 P7 and later CB Protection servers.

If you already have the Powershell Rapid Config enabled, these updates should not modify your existing settings.

The following additions have been made;

  • You now have the ability to add exception cases to the protectionspowershellexceptions.png


  • In the Downgrade Attacks section you can now Report or Block when 64 Bit Powershell executes the 32 bit version of Powershell. If you have the Rapid Config enabled this new protection will be enabled in Report mode.powershelldowngrade.png


Thank you to the community for your ongoing support and feedback.


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