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CBPTest Tool - Disk Performance Testing Tool

By dhutt posted Aug 12, 2016 03:55 PM


IMPORTANT: This legacy content is not maintained.  All content regarding the CBP Test Tool is maintained on VMware Docs.  You can find this specific topic here.


CBPTest Tool is a replacement for the BIT9 SQLIO tool used in the past.



1. Download and unzip the on the Cb Protection server.


2. Folder Contents

     CbPTest-v3.ps1 (SHA256 - 3e6a31d1fd54167a7f718dbb2b1ae1fc10b83a87d404aa305469528acfac8fc1)

     diskspd.exe (SHA256 - e45f8f85fd7ab783251c987d763bbec42b0431fee633d5635f696aa0bc61baee)

NOTE: Both files must be in the same folder in order for the test to run correctly.


3. Running the Test

     To run the test, just type the path and filename for CbPTest-v3.ps1 in an Admin PowerShell window. The test requires 60GB of free space on the test drive.

          (The test takes 21 minutes 30 seconds to run and it will look like the output below)


4. The Results

     The results will appear at the end of the command in the PowerShell window. Please copy the results to your Carbon Black Technical Services Consultant for validation.


Version Notes for Version 3

  • Greatly simplified the interface
  • Greater reliability on SAN storage without running multiple test files
  • Support for testing new storage media
  • Removed the need to edit a config or batch file
  • Compiled schema into executable, reducing files to two
  • Used latest version of diskspd.exe from Microsoft (June 2018 release)
  • Improved accuracy on multiple mediums
  • Expanded Random tests to serve as qualifier for PCI-E flash (database index) validation
  • Added parser to display the critical results on screen, eliminating the need to review the entire output files (results1.txt, results2.txt, results3.txt)