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Tech Tips: How to administer CA PanAPT when all Administrators have retired

Question: All the administrators defined in CA PanAPT have retired.  How can we add new user id's and set up new administrators in PanAPT?   Solution: 1)  Have your security group temporarily recreate one of the CA PanAPT administrator's TSO ids 2)  log on to TSO using...

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Tech Tip:  Configuring PAM to Manage Passwords for Scheduled Tasks on a Windows Server.

Review the attached document to see how the password for a scheduled task on a Windows server.  In this case a Domain Account was managed using the Windows Proxy connector.  You may be able to use the Windows Domain Services connector as well.  The process would be similar for...


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Tech Tip:  Identifying the various PAM hardware appliances.

X304L 8 Network interfaces 2 Power supplies 12 digit serial number on a thin white label at the back left(when looking at it from the back) bottom of the appliance.  This should be matched by the Hardware Serial number in the Sysinfo, with the addition of 08 hardware code. There are 4...

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Tech Tip:  Using LDAP+Radius for PAM Integration

In order to use LDAP+Radius authentication with PAM it is necessary that the contents of a field in LDAP match the user in Radius.  The way to do this is to configure Unique Attribute field for the LDAP server, on the 3rd Party page, so that it references the field in LDAP that contains the...


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Tech Tip:  Integrating PAM With Citrix

The attached document explains how to configure PAM to connect to Citrix and how to configure Citrix to run the PAM Client.


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Tech Tips:  RDP Transparent Login Basics

RDP Transparent Login is a very powerful feature of PAM, but it can be difficult to use by the novice.  Take a look at the attached document to get an explanation of the basics of this feature.


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Tech Tip: Where to find list of PIM testfixes that have been applied?

On UNIX, the testfix information is saved in /opt/CA/AccessControlShared/data/patches.ini. On Windows, the information is saved in registry: HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\AccessControl\Patch

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Tech Tip: How to find Policy Version Create and Update time?

When viewing version history under Policy Management using the ENTM GUI you can see fields for the Version #, Creator, Description, Status, and Policy Scripts. However, there is no field to indicate the date and time the policy version was created or updated. Is there a way to display this...