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This REXX will issue an API SITE call to obtain the PARMLIB(E2ELOGMBR) and BROWSE it so you can easily find the Event Log USS directory.

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Sample Rexx Procedure for Parsing CSV data

Accurately parsing Endevor CSV data can be challenging when some of the fields can contain free text like descriptions, comments etc. Using the CSV LIST OPTION DELIMITER '|' can help but to be more accurate you need to look for the delimiters AND the bounding quotes. The following two...

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Linux Connector INSTALL EXEC hangs before first panel is shown

When the CA Mainframe Connector for Linux on System z r1.0 INSTALL EXEC is    called, i t may hang before its first panel is displayed.  Adding < trace i >     (to debug it) after line /* IIA Frontrunner and Primary Menu */ shows  at...

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This sample Rexx performs a copy from one file (SYSUT1) to an output file (SYSUT2) but allows substitution to take place - this example inserts the submitting user's job account information while submitting a job.