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Tech Tip: Alarm Enrichment probe not processing alarms

This issue has been detected in UIM 8.4 SP2. In some cases, the Alarm Enrichment probe stops processing alarms and messages start being queued. The AE logs show the following repetitive message: Jan 25 02:59:00:962 [attach clientsession, alarm enrichment] AlarmQueueReader alarm count...

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Tech Tip: How to change Alert Queue Name

Problem: -- I have create Alert Queue named 'XYZ' with some criteria and has some escalation policies attached to it. Now for some reason I want to change queue name to 'ABC' but it is not possible from UI. Solution : -- You can not change queue name from console directly. But as a...

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Tuesday Tips: Can I migrate/convert my current XCOMRRDS?

Starting with XCOM r12.0 you can migrate your existing XCOM r11.5 or r11.6 VSAM XCOMRRDS(RRDS) to the new version 12 format using the XCOMMIGR utility. This can allow any transfer request that are in a request queue to be brought forward to a new release of XCOM without having to reschedule them...