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Tech tip - Unable to acquire Version information error on UMP Discovery Wizard

symtpom When you select discovery agent resides on secondary hub, and try to launch discovery wizard, it does not work with error " Unable to acquire version information "   cause The error indicates communication failure in between discovery agent probe and ump robot.   ...

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Tech Tip: How to tell whether a TCP port is blocked or not listening

Tech Tip: How to tell whether a TCP port is blocked or not listening     Technical Tip Description:     Spectrum relies on TCP connectivity between SpectroSERVERs and OneClick servers, between OneClick servers and clients, and other clients and servers. ...

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Tech Tip: Connector Controls & Connection details doesn't show for any connector in SOI Dashboard

Environment: SOI Version 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3 Problem: SOI Manager, UI & Connector(s) installation went fine, but Connector Controls & Connection Details page is blank in SOI Dashboard   Solution: This happens when AMQ Port 61616 is blocked between UI to SOI...

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Tech Tip: Understanding the Rebase Port

Rebase ports are used in RA/NFA to redirect traffic that is destined for a port that happens to be a destination port for a configured application mapping. Here is an example:   I create an application mapping that redirects my video conferencing traffic which happens to be on a range of...