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Lua script to sync/deploy packages to robots using ADE

This Lua script will use the ADE to deploy/sync packages throughout your environment. It can be used for any package in the archive; however, the script is designed to skip hub robots. I added that logic in to ensure a hub robot doesn't restart during package deployment.   For example,...

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Tech Tip - (CA Privileged Identity Manager) : Script to automate installation of required RPM packages on RHEL Server before installing Enterprise Management Server

CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control (CA Privileged Identity Manager) R12.9 Sp1 : Tech Tip by Reatesh Sanghi, Principal Support Engineer, for Date: 29/12/2015   While preparing a Linux Server for installing Privileged Access Manager Server, we are required to install a lot of...

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Sample Package Exit (Exit 7)

(Actually this code is based on Endevor sample code originating from Endevor r12 ...)     With this sample code I'd like to contribute to a discussion-item about exit-7. You will need to adapt the code, at least at those points marked with dot's (.....). And I would be glad to...

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CA Tuesday Tips: How to filter package in EXEC-FAILED in Endevor?

Endevor Tuesday Tip by Ollivier F. Dorso, Principal Support Engineer, September, 9 th 2014   The package status Exec-Failed which was missing from the list of Display Options on the Package Foreground Options Menu has been added to the panel C1SP0000 “Package Foreground...