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Update: LMP Key Grace Period

Beginning August 5th, 2017, the expiration date for LMP keys has been updated to reflect a grace period of 14 days after the contract expiration  date.  An expiry warning message will be provided 30 day prior to the key expiration date.  This change was put to action as an effort...

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Tech Tips: License Entitlements

Introduction Honor-Based Licensing. The DevTest 8.0 and later license agreement is based on the maximum allowed concurrent user sessions by user type.   Question I would like to know what my current entitlements are so I can know how many extra components I can add like Simulators or...

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LMP Key Installation Instructions

Please see below the installation instructions for each operating system:   LMP Key Installation For VM: • Logon to userid VMRMAINT • Type in VMIMAINT which will bring up the main VMIMAINT menu • Select VMIMAINT operation #Update Central LMP Keys File# • Enter...

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Licensing: LISA DevTest Solution (ITKO) Licenses

Please be aware that license files for LISA DevTest Solution are always limited to one year.   If your company has purchased a perpetual license for this product, the license will be renewed on an annual basis regardless of the term of your contract. For example, if the contract is...