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End of Support Announcement for Federation Security Services (FSS) User Interface and External Application Servers for Admin UI

CA Technologies is continually working to improve our software and services to best meet the needs of our customers. Today, we are announcing that the 12.6.x release of CA Single Sign-On will be the last to contain the applet-based Federation Security Services (FSS) user interface.


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An IBM SHARE publication on BCPii (which interfaces with the SOLVE:Op Hardware Interface Service--HIS)

BCPii is used by the SOLVE:Operations Automation Hardware Interface Service (HIS) to communicate with System Z ' s      Hardware Management Console (HMC).   This link takes the reader to an IBM BCPii SHARE publication that discusses BCPii ' s setup and...

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Tech Tip: CA OPS/MVS - Issuing a command to HISRV results in errors with Reason codes X'530001XC4' and X'01C40034'

Issuing a GETATTR or other command from a OPS/REXX program to HISRV results in one or more of these messages: OPS3092T OI HMCGETAT OPS0349T ADDRESSHWS - DIRECT ENTITY CONNECTION FAILED. HiSrv RC: 12 ; RSC: X'530001C4' OPS0349T ADDRESSHWS - HiSrv SECURITY AUTHORIZATION ERROR - No access...