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On the location of alert exit sample (r12.1)

Customizer (shortcut /PARMS) group $ AM ALERTS includes field Alert Exit Name. F1=Help shows the alert exit sample as being found at high-level-qualifier.MSSAMP( $ AMALEXT). However (for NetMaster r12.1) the alert exit sample can be found at high-level-qualifier . ...

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CA VM:Secure 3.2 Enhancement to USERPASS and TERMPASS Exits

PTF RO94162 is an enhancement to CA VM:Secure 3.2 that makes the TERMPASS and USERPASS exits much easier to manage. These exits allow a site to customize the action taken when the invalid password limit is exceeded. One of the actions indicated by return code 8 is to clear the journal counts and...

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Jobs failing on Windows with Exit Code 0xC000013A

Some jobs are failing on Windows with Exit Code 0xC000013A ;  w hat does it mean?     Globally speaking, Exit Code 0xC000013A means that the application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C or  closing command prompt window     With Autosys, It might ...

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Tech Tips: How to Set Up the LIB/CCF-ISPF(TSO) HISTORY Exits

Exit $CCFU004 (EXIT4) is i nvoked before the history create and update panels display. $CCFU004 c an be used to standardize information used for history member creation. When a programmer logs out a member that has no associated history member on the history master file, LIB/CCF...

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Tuesday Tip:  Do I need to reassemble the CA 1 exits if I am staying at the same release of CA 1 but upgrading to z/OS 2.1?

The exits for CA 1 in general would not need to be reassembled when going to a new release of the operating system. Any exit that actually links into an IBM library, such as SYS1.LINKLIB or SYS1.LPALIB would need to be installed into the new SMP libraries for z/OS 2.1. This would include the...