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Tips : Element Archive action includes Delete autority by default

Tips About Endevor Native and External Security: When you issue an ARCHIVE Element action, Endevor does a single call to security for ARCHIVE, whether or not you are doing a delete as well. With ESI(External security Interface) only, the only way around this is to give ARCHIVE the same...

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Tech Tip: Element name truncated

Following implementation of new interfaces on Cisco equipment, the name of the QOS element discovered is truncated. Sample Before: After: Because the...

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Tech Tip: Element Location Report Fails

Tech Doc : TEC1041554 Issue : Error: Cluster password authentication failure from ***. Connect failed. (unable to connect to 'port 5050') is seen on a standalone eHealth system when attempting to run an element location report Solution : This exception can be seen when you...

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Tech Tip: How do I delete one element from Data Aggregator

In CAPC, under Monitored Devices, choose the search field. Put your device name in the search field. Click on the search button. Now you will see the device name with a check box next to it. Check it and click on delete. Or right click and choose delete. This device will be removed...