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During a disaster recovery test, "autosys" user mapping on AEDB is lost.

  In a Disaster Recovery Solution, the same AEDB database is replicated from a first MSSQL Server to another one.   To start the Disaster Recovery test, the SQL Server replication is stopped between these both SQL Servers   The startup of the application server on the...

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tech tip - PM 2.0 - Disaster/Recovery setup and procedure

This document details the steps required to be prepared for a disaster/recovery scenario in PM. Some context for the outlined procedure: IP addresses and hostnames are unique in the two environments (primary and secondary) Not designed for individual component failures – this is for a...


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Tech Tip: How do I migrate off LVM from a DR running Vertica 6.0.2? (requirement for DR 2.3.4)

As in CA Infrastructure Management Data Aggregator Readme 2.3.4.   The following procedures describe how to transition from a Data Repository that is running Vertica 6.0.2 using LVM (Logical Volume Manager) for data and catalog directories to Vertica 6.0.2 using non-LVM. The Vertica...